The 5th Hucknall Blockbuster!

Hi everyone!

Its been a while since we last posted anything on here. Apologies for that.

Were going to the cinema to watch a film today. Not any old film though, were going to watch a film the scouts have created!

We made a short film/music video out of the footage we got from the weather balloon and from what we filmed on a troop night.

We entered the film into the Bang! Short Film Festival in Nottingham, and has been short listed from a massive 600 entries.

We have made the Crash Bang Wallop section for young film makers, and also the Community Section for community groups.

The scouts get to watch their film on a cinema screen as part of a non competitive film festival.

All the scouts are excited!

We invited Dave and Julie Akerman who donated loads of equipment and their time along to see the film with us.

I will post a link of the video up soon.

Andy (Scout Leader)

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Camping at Walesby

Today we arrived at Walesby camp site for a weekend camp with all of our best friends. The activities we did were canoeing and kayaking they were great and it was really funny when the leaders fell into the lake! Tonight is going to be great camping in the great british countryside with all of our friends.
George (scout)

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Troop Night – Tuesday 22nd May

Hi all,

On Tuesday, I taught the scouts how to make some knots and lashings.  Most picked this up very quickly, but everyone got there in the end.

Then I taught the Scouts about pulleys (block and tackle), they learnt how much weight someone can lift using different types of pulleys and then had a go at using their knowledge to lift a heavy weight.

We estimated that 2 or 3 Scouts could lift the weight.

Rob being picked up by 3 scouts.

Andy (The Scout Leader)

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The Big Weekend – Cubs Video

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The Big Weekend Video

Ok.. The 1st version of the Big Weekend Video is ready…

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The Big Weekend

We’re on camp!!!!!!!!

FRIDAY: arrive on camp after a really long wait on the road with the other 3000 explorers, scouts, cubs, guides, brownies and leaders. We came to an already set up camp, thanks to Andy and Rob, we went to the opening ceremony which kicked the camp off to a great start. The camping spot was so water logged we were in a different field but it was still a big mud pit. Finally, after a long boogy we hit the deck for a short but sweet sleep.

SATURDAY: After a nightime power nap we ate the best eggy bread in the land near or far. We got set for the first full day of brilliantly organised activities, the wild cubs went under the control and supervision of as many leaders we could find. The best day activity was the climbing activities which was the climbing wall, net climb and crate stacking. We were the CHAMPIONS of the crate stack as we were the first people to reach the top of the bar. After spag bol for tea we did another activity where we had to climb to the top of the spiders web then slide down the slide. We finally came back to the tent where one of the troop fell over in the deep mud when his shoes fell off, then I, superman, pick him up with one hand slung him on my shoulder and picked his shoes from out of the mud. Now we are all clean and warm the cubs are cream cracked in bed and I am drifting off, so I’m off to bed, look tomorrow for SUNDAYS blog!

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The Big Weekend

Hi All,

In approximately 47 hours, 5th Hucknall Scouts and Cubs will be going to Southwell Racecourse to join 3000 other Scouts and Guides from around Nottinghamshire for ‘The Big Weekend’.

We will post during the camp with photos, and what were upto. Were also going to make a short video which we will place on Youtube (when i create an account) and also on this Blog, so you can share the magic. The only thing is we can only post as long as my phone battery  lasts..

Please Share this post on Social Networks so we can keep as many people updated as we can!

Andrew (The Scout Leader)

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